7 ways to be the dream client for your agency

7 ways to be the dream client for your agency

Clients and agencies have had love-hate relationships for years. Still, the truth is that it is a symbiotic relationship where both are dependent on each other to function. While working with your agency, both of you might face unexpected challenges and obstacles that can strain the client/agency relationship. Continuing a strategic client-agency partnership is always important in such a scenario as it will ensure smooth workflow and sustained progress. But getting the most out of your agency also involves doing your part. If you make it easier for the agency to collaborate with you, you’ll receive more than just a go-to group of subject matter experts with specific knowledge; you’ll also have a real partner who will care about your growth as their own. You need to be a good client to your agency so that they are always ready to prioritize your needs and overdeliver. This blog article will discuss how you can be the perfect client for your agency and how that can do wonders for you.

Why do you need to be a good client for your agency?

  1. It will make the workflow smooth.
  2. You will get more value out of your agency.
  3. The results will drastically improve.
  4. Your agency will be willing to help you out in urgent situations.
  5. It will foster mutual trust and respect.
  6. Your agency will value you, and this will improve the client-agency relationship.

Here’s How To Be The Perfect Client For Your Agency

#1 Communicate With Them Clearly

Communicate clearly with your agency in terms of goals, expectations, workflow, deliverables, and everything else. Smooth communication will ensure there are no misunderstandings and progress is achieved. The best use of an agency’s time is on expert advice, research, and work—not on endless meetings with your own team on your behalf. Take charge of internal conversations by setting up meetings to brief and educate the larger team on the specifics of the projects. After reaching an internal consensus, you can easily inform the agency. This will save a lot of time. Set precise goals and be as specific as possible about what you hope to accomplish. Use the briefing process to explain as much as possible about the project’s history, the business’s strategy, and the problem you are attempting to resolve.

#2 Help Your Agency To Help You Better

Any agency will make every effort to help you accomplish your goals since they are focused on outcomes and a productive working relationship. One of the best methods to get the most out of your agency is to educate them on the deeper meaning of your brand through regular communication and information exchange. It’s best if you can give your agency as many documents like this as you can, including brand guidelines, tone of voice documents, content guides, and brand playbooks. Based on everything they are aware of, your agency will be able to provide you with advice, and the more information they have, the more specific the guidance you receive. It will make their jobs easier too, and they will thank you for that.

#3 Be Kind and Understanding

The agency employees have to put in more effort and work overtime when you need something urgently. It’s important to remember that someone can be under similar pressure from another client to provide something critical to them on the same day. Regardless of whether we are clients or on the agency side, we are all human. Always be kind to your agency, and never forget to give them your gratitude and appreciation for all that they do.

#4 Tell Them About Your Expectations

If your agency really understands your company, it will perform better. If there are must-dos and don’ts, be sure to share them with them. Clearly state them at the outset. Ensure that your objective and statement of work are compatible. Decide if you want a deliverable-based, goal-based, or hourly-based contract by clearly stating what you want. The more everyone understands in advance, the more equipped everyone is to deliver on expectations.

#5 Establish Solid Trust

Get your agency to trust you by building that trust. Everything runs more smoothly when there is mutual trust. You will see your results improve, and there will be no ego between the two parties. Both agency expenses and stress will also decrease. There are numerous strategies to develop mutual trust. Instead of having formal meetings, regular calls should be friendly conversations. When something seems out of place, speak up. Give your agency room to offer suggestions. Spend time in person with your agency as well. Your agency will find it much simpler to cooperate with you when you have mutual trust.

#6 Give Constructive Feedback

While giving negative feedback, do it constructively. There are occasions when plans don’t work out. So, be sincere if something happens and you need to talk to your agency about it. Tell them how you would have liked something handled or what you believe is missing from a document you felt was necessary to view. If you say something positively, it will not be taken personally but professionally. If you merely complain and do not tell them what you expected, they can’t solve the problem or find the best solution. Your agency’s time is valuable, so tell them what your expectations are/were, and they will always be grateful for your honesty.

#7 Pay Your Bills On Time

Good agencies put a lot of effort into serving their clients, and all they really want in return is to be treated with respect and paid timely. Agencies have likely heard every single excuse for a payment delay, and delayed payments don’t make them feel good at all. Nothing annoys an agency more than delayed payment of invoices after the agency has worked tirelessly to provide the client with an excellent result. Make sure to manage your finances well and make your payments on time.

Final words

Strong agency client connections result in more project success, higher retention rates, and a stronger reputation for the brand. Most importantly, they keep the creative juices flowing and make work enjoyable. You’ll be able to observe ongoing, measurable progress in your agency’s performance by being a good client to them. They will like working with you and provide innovative solutions to help you expand your business.

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